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We proudly announce the collaboration with GNKS (Global Network Keg Services).

Global Network Keg Services is a cooperation project, which concentrates on keg-related services worldwide. The partner concept aims at processing of existing kegs in line with your requirements!


20L Keg-Service

With this campaign we want to offer our partners a Full-Service-Package all around 20L-Kegs.

Machinery rentals

Currently we developed a new General overhaul machine, which is available for long-term rental.

Mobile Re-Branding Service

If You are planning to sell / buy used kegs or want to neutralise / brand them, we have an in-house developed and mobile machinery.

New: Mobile Spear-Service

Our certificated Company offer you, specially for small quantities, a spear refurbishment in Bremen without shipment costs.

New collaboration with GNKS

Estamos orgullosos de anunciar que desde ahora somos socios de la red GNKS (Global Network Keg Services).
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