Mobile & Stationary Repair Service

To ensure keg repair doesn’t incur any transportation costs, we have fully equipped workshop mobiles which we use to access the kegs at the brewery or logistician’s premises. Otherwise, feel free to send the damaged kegs to our two locations in Europe!


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Quality test

We determine the following keg qualities using state-of-the-art measuring equipment and working together with a material testing institute.


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One of our company’s particular strengths lies in developing and manufacturing equipment and machines for repairing kegs.


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Mobile Keg Repair Service

Efficiently, in advance

As a leading national and international service provider for keg repair work, we at Ellmers GmbH have been using specially developed and patented machinery to offer our brewery customers all kinds of keg repair services and customised solutions quickly and efficiently since 1994.

In order to be mobile and flexible, we come directly to the brewery in our workshop mobiles, equipped with all the special machinery, tools and test equipment. Our specially trained staff efficiently work on, repair and service the old, dented, defective or rusted kegs on site to make them as good as new.


Thomas Ellmers GmbH - KEG repair

Kegroller 606 / General overhaul machine:

  • Prevention from future damages and strengthening of the material due to Cold-Rolling-System;
  • Radial and axial Chimb – Repair with automatic counting system;
  • Repair process can be repeated several times.


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