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Keg exterior

We offer the following services for kegs which have been rejected in the filling plant or which come from other supplies and no longer fit in the standardised series:

Dent removal of top and bottom chimb

To ensure your keg passes through the filling plant efficiently, we repair the top and bottom chimb using our patented dent removal machine, achieving unique results in terms of dent removal quality.

Adjusting Keg Necks

To ensure the filling heads can be connected without any problem, we use special tools to set the keg necks to a deviation of less than 2°.

Removing labels and cleaning rounded surfaces

If an old label needs to be removed from your keg, we have developed high-pressure water cleaners and polishing machines which can remove all materials from the keg.

Repairing rolling rims

If your keg’s rolling rims have been getting flatter over the years and the kegs cannot be properly gripped by the robot or forklift, we can use our patented machines to restore the old rolling rim without affecting the keg.

Welding Chimbs

We have trained MIG and TIG welders who can repair all welding work on your keg using high-tech welding equipment.

Neutralising lettering

If necessary, we can neutralise engraved brewery names on the keg using a hydraulic machine.

Correcting neck diameters

If your kegs have different neck diameters, we can standardise these using equipment specially developed by us.

Polishing keg surfaces

We have glass bead blasters and polishing machines to make your reworked keg look as good as new.

Marking of brewery names and brewery logos

Using our on-site marking service we are able to label the kegs permanently in a dark hue and in any desired size. By means of our electrochemical process the marking is distinctly more durable than conventional painted labelling. In conjunction with our neutralisation service you can therefore clearly demonstrate who your kegs belong to.

20L Keg-Service

With this campaign we want to offer our partners a Full-Service-Package all around 20L-Kegs.

Machinery rentals

Currently we developed a new General overhaul machine, which is available for long-term rental.

Mobile Re-Branding Service

If You are planning to sell / buy used kegs or want to neutralise / brand them, we have an in-house developed and mobile machinery.

New: Mobile Spear-Service

Our certificated Company offer you, specially for small quantities, a spear refurbishment in Bremen without shipment costs.

New collaboration with GNKS

We proudly announce the collaboration with GNKS (Global Network Keg Services).
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